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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


ClixSense is one of the lot of program for profit sharing on internet, its a kind of PTC or Pay To Click

This program is free just for free member.

Once you are logged into your account, click the "Browse Ads" link. On the "Browse Ads" page you will be shown a list of ads that are available for you to view, in addition to how much viewing that ad pays. When you click on a link for an ad a new window will open with a timer at the top of the page and the advertiser's page in the bottom frame. Once the timer counts down to zero (0), the amount stated for viewing the ad will be credited to your account.

Pembayarannya via cek yang akan dikirim ke alamat kita setiap bulannya jika sudah mencapai minimum pay out yang sudah kita tentukan sendiri (batas minimum pay out paling rendah 25 $).

With ClixSense wen you click on a link you will get 0.01$.

You can do that for all of links

The links number its vary between 1 until 525 links.

A simple everyday plan :

200 click/day x 0.01 $ = 2 $

2 $ x 30 days = 60 $

200 link x 30 seconds = 6000 seconds (less than 2 hours!)

Is this great?



luke! said...

betul ji kah itu? kita sudah coba? coba ki dulu! nanti klo berhasil sa ikut!! hehehe.....:D

zoography said...

Betul, tapi butuh ketekunan, coba saja 0,01$(satu kali klik) kali sejuta kan 10.000$.

Anonymous said...

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